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Tirimbina has more than 9km of trails throughout the Reserve, as well as a trail of 380m long which is suitable for people with a handicap and is wheelchair accessible. This trail starts at the parking area, ending at the entrance to the first suspension bridge, offering anyone the opportunity to reach and/or cross the bridge.

The trails are distributed in a way that they offer the visitor a chance to see different habitats from old cacao plantations, secondary forest, wetlands and river banks to the intriguing primary forest.

"The Island" is another area visitors can walk around in, offering 1100m of trails.

The distances, configurations, and materials of the trails vary to make your visit either more comfortable and easier or more adventurous.


One of the main attractions at the Reserve are the so-called suspension bridges. The first one, with a length of 262m, is considered to be one of the longest in Costa Rica and has an average height of 22m. This bridge allows you to cross the Sarapiqui River, pass over or visit the island and then reach the other side of the river where the main area of the Reserve is located.

The second bridge is situated within the primary forest and is called the "Canopy Bridge", since it offers a view from the canopy of the forest. This bridge is 110m long and maximum 35m high.

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