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End of the first stage of the local education program in the Tirimbina Biological Reserve

By: Eugenia Cordero


In late September we completed the first stage of the local education program – the visit from the schools to Tirimbina. We work primarily with 4th, 5th and 6th grade, but there are schools with only a few students like the Tirimbina, Los Angeles and San Vicente schools; in these cases the whole school is included. In total we worked with 475 children from 9 schools.

The theme this year was "Bats." The day started with an introduction to overall characteristics of bats, such as anatomy, diets, echolocation and environmental services. This was followed by a hike through the forest in search of potential bat roosts. In this activity the children participated enthusiastically, very focused on their mission. When we returned from the forest we worked with an activity book, in some cases painting, drawing or doing puzzles. Students had to answer a pre- and post- questionnaire that evaluated their sensitivity to and knowledge of bats.


Finally, children were asked to draw a picture with a bat subject. An exhibition of all of these drawings will be open to the public later this year at the Reserve, so stay tuned for more information soon!

Personally speaking, it´s really rewarding to work with these children, seeing the interest and excitement shown when they enter the forest and learn some of the secrets that lurk there - in this case, bats.


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