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Tirimbina founds International Programs

We are pleased to announce that this year will launch a new international center for the students of Ball State University (BSU, Muncie, Indiana) in Costa Rica, founded by Tirimbina. This 12-week program offers BSU students a familiarity with Latin American culture and the opportunity to learn a new language (Spanish), unlike other international centers such as those of Australia and London.

As an extension of the program to the community, the students lodge with local families, offering a cultural experience to the families as much as to the students. The 2010 program includes the following courses: Spanish (several levels), Tropical Ecology, Sustainability and Conservation, Costa Rican life and culture, and Indigenous Culture. The courses are led by Costa Rican professors, all highly experienced in teaching their respective specialties. The classes are taught on the Tirimbina campus with all the facilities of Internet, space, library, etc., and with the forest a few meters away - an excellent laboratory in which to grow intellectually and spiritually.

In the days since the program began January 12, 2010, the students have developed strong bonds with their Costa Rican families and the community, participating in several cultural activities of the region. Moreover, they have visited different areas of the country over the weekends, putting to maximum use their stay in Costa Rica.

Tirimbina is proud to be co-organizer of this special program.
Ball State University in Tirimbina Biological Reserve

Comment by Elena Ashbaugh
A group of 11 of us from Ball State University in Indiana are studying at Tirimbina for 3 months as an exchange program. We all live with different families in La Virgen, then attend Spanish, NREM, Biology, or online classes here at Tirimbina Mondays through Thursdays. I've had so much fun so far! My family was very welcoming and is incredibly helpful to teach me Spanish. This weekend, I learned how to make pico de gallo, then later that day I went with my host family to a friend's house to learn how they make cheese! Friday night, my family taught me dances like the Merengue and Salsa. We had so much fun dancing all night! Then on Saturday, they took me to my first fiesta de toro. It was scary but fun!

I have enjoyed the people here so much, I love the food, and the scenery here is beautiful.

The first couple weeks,  I was very, very tired because I was surrounded by so many  new things, and it was difficult to understand Spanish, but now, since I've been here for a few weeks, it's much easier to understand and to speak the language, and I'm getting used to the culture and surroundings. Last week, I made a funny Spanish mistake! I accidentally replaced the word "canciones"....."Hoy, puedo encontrar los calzones..." My family laughed SOOO hard! haha Well, I'm learning... :)

I love it here! Pura Vida!

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