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Tirimbina Open House - Opening the doors to a change

One of our favorite events at Tirimbina is the annual ‘Open House’, held this year with great success on November 22nd. It is a day filled with many activities and services offered free to the community - eco-tours, traditional food, displays on research and environmental education, a theatrical play, and a sale of arts and crafts.

This year, attendees flocked from La Virgen, Puerto Viejo, Chilamate, villages in Heredia, Varablanca and even San Carlos and Alajuela. We are grateful for the help of other contributors such as ICE, the Costa Rican Red Cross and local artisans who offered support, security and color to the day.

This annual Open House means a lot to Tirimbina – it illustrates our reason for being.
To us the open house is a public confirmation of our organizational commitment to the improvement of the quality of life of the human beings who coexist daily with our efforts of conservation inside as well as outside of the Reserve. It demonstrates our pride in opening our doors to the community so they may value and understand all we do, as well as the reasons why we fight for conservation every day.

Worldwide experiences with conservation unconnected to the needs and realities of the local population have proved to be weak, uncoordinated and unsuccessful. The success of our mission at Tirimbina lies in a successful projection in the community to strengthen and modify complex and intricate processes such as education and the use of natural resources, as well as furthering the perception, responsibility and role of any individual or group when it comes to conservation.

These processes occur every day in each house, neighborhood and business around our Reserve; we are not alone. If we can understand the actions of our neighbors, we can unite ourselves in Tirimbina, in space and time, to safeguard the preservation of the biological processes of the multitude of beings that coexist in our Reserve.

The Open House is, for us at Tirimbina, our example of commitment to open our conscience and our daily tasks for a positive change within our natural environment.

By Willy Pineda, Biologist and guide at the Tirimbina Biological Reserve



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