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Tirimbina 15th Anniversary

Tirimbina Rainforest Center marked its 15th anniversary this past month with a gathering headlined by Carlos Chavarria, Executive Director, Lynde Uihlein, outgoing president, and Maggie Jacobus, incoming president.

.About 50 people gathered at the offices of the Brico Fund on Astor Street in Milwaukee to hear about the potent changes in the Costa Rican center of the last year.

More than 16,000 people visit the center each year now – a combination of young students, university researchers, ecotravelers, and local and international visitors of all kinds – for a variety of learning and natural adventures. Tirimbina has earned considerable recognition for its sustainable tourism practices, as well as for its educational curriculum and research opportunities. Staff service and innovations have considerable influence in the Sarapiqui (northeastern) region, as well as on the economy and education there.

Capitalizing on this momentum, a major change toward independence was accomplished this year. In July, a Costa Rican association was formed with ten overseers to focus governance in situ – the Associacion Tirimbina para Conservación, Educación y Investigación (Tirimbina Association for Conservation, Education and Research, or ATirimbina). The previous Milwaukee-centered oversight organization is being replaced by a supporting non-profit called the Tirimbina Rainforest Fund (TRF).

Carlos Chavarría outlined the programs, facilities, and conservation education current at the Center; Lynde Uihlein described the process and impact of the new governance; Joan Spector, former Executive Director and board member reviewed the history of Tirimbina. And Maggie Jacobus, former Milwaukee and now Costa Rican resident, will be taking on the role of current president and will lead this organization, which hopes to continue to be a unique adventure and learning destination.


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