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Tirimbina: synonymous with conservation

For the second year in a row, Tirimbina Rainforest Center has concluded the ´Introduction to Conservation Biology in Latin America´ Course. Twenty-nine students from Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and El Salvador, were exposed to the Latin American reality, the successes and challenges regarding the conservation of our natural recourses, creating a space in which experiences could be shared and alliances were made.

This experience was directed by two experts, who over the years have made important contributions to this branch of biology in Latin America.

Professor Rodrigo A. Medellín, who won a Rolex Award in 2008 for his contributions to conservation, and other honours and awards for his work of over more than 30 years.

Professor Eduardo Martins Venticinque has dedicated more than 20 years of studying to the fragmentation in the Amazons and has directed his efforts to the conservation of this heritage for humanity.

The contribution of Dr. Bernal Rodríguez Herrera, general coordinator of this course and Academic Director of the Reserve, should also be mentioned. He has dedicated his life to the conservation of bats in Costa Rica and to the forming of professionals in the area of mastozoology.
Conscious of the challenges that conservation faces in Latin America and the lack of programs that prepare professionals for this field, he set himself the task of reuniting this team of professionals. They have, for the second year, provided the necessary information to young professionals, who are now better prepared to confront the various challenges of the conservation of our natural resources.


Introduction to Conservation Biology in Latin America 2009. Photo: Melqui Gamba-Rios

Professorss: Rodrigo Medellin and Martins Venticinque
Photo: Melqui Gamba-Rios

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