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Tirimbina recognizes that environmental education can be an important process to create positive changes in the culture of a locality, community or country in general. Therefore, for over 10 years, TRC has been working with a Local Environmental Education Program as an effective means to raise awareness about of the importance and necessity to conserve and protect the environment in which they live.

The Environmental Education Program tries to instill the values of respect and responsibility for nature that have been lost over time from human practices. As such, it has become a most important pillar to this organization which believes in forming a more conscious and critical culture that develops a capacity to protect its surroundings.

The objective of the program is to promote with the local community the understanding of the value of natural resources to improve their quality of life. The program reaches the surrounding communities through contact with the schools.

The Education Program is the heart of our organization. The funds raised by tourism are used to finance free entry to the Reserve for primary school students. These children receive transport, meals and learning materials to take home and also have access to the Tirimbina library throughout the year.

We are currently working with 12 schools close to TRC. The children in 4th, 5th and 6th grade visit Tirimbina once a year, after which the instructor visits the schools and communities at least once a year to follow up on the yearly work program.

The education activities cover various topics related to ecology and forest conservation, as well as the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into daily life. The program focuses on inquiry-based learning in which the student discovers and enjoys at the same time, which has proved to be the most effective learning method for children.
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