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The Tirimbina Biological Reserve offers a unique experience through its biology education programs. These are directed to the general visitors and we provide an applied educational experience with practical activities in relation to the following topics:


Forest Composition


This educational activity has been designed to identify the different elements that make up the flora structure of the tropical rainforest depending on its maturity. Under the supervision and guidance of the professional staff of Tirimbina, different forest areas are visited to record and measure several physical and biological parameters interactively by using simple scientific techniques and instruments which are very effective. Finally, the results are compared where participants discover the ecological rules that determine the structure of a tropical rainforest and how this structure affects the biodiversity present in it and the implications for conservation.


Duration: from 2.5 to 3.5 hours

Recommended for: ANY AGE OVER 13 YEARS OLD

Water Quality Analysis


This activity aims to assess the quality of the water for one or more aquatic ecosystems (rivers, creeks) through physical, biological and chemical surveys. Using very interesting hands-on activities, easy to carry out on-site, the participants measure certain parameters of interest to discover the meaning of physical-chemical relationships between water and the diversity of animals and plants present in this aquatic ecosystem. This activity takes place in one of the many aquatic ecosystems of the reserve which enables visiting this area from a unique perspective. The activity takes place under the supervision of our expert on the topic who also coordinates the activities, he explains the procedures and techniques used and finally he promotes the discussion and ideas about the  ecological reasons of the results obtain and their implications of activities and the health of human being.


Duration: from 2.5 to 3 hours

Recommended for: ANY AGE OVER 10 YEARS OLD



Discovering the Rainforest


This educational activity is intended that the participants systematically discover one of the most biodiverse ecosystems of the planet: the tropical rainforest. This learning process is done by observing, measuring and recording various biological and physical aspects of this ecosystem, from top-down by visiting the suspension bridges, and from the inside-out by examining the ground and up to the height of the trees. This interactive process is easy and enjoyable for participants who develop their perception, intuition, observation and natural correlation. Tirimbina staff coordinates the different activities, facilitates the observation of wildlife, points out their relationship and ends with a comparison of the plant structures, soils and animal diversity of the two different habitats of this rich ecosystem.


Duration: from 2.5 to 3 hours

Recommended for: 13 TO 16 YEARS OLD




The activity aims to assess the diversity of plants in one or more areas of forest in the reserve. Using classical and simple field techniques the participants record the enormous richness of plant species of tropical forest while they share the challenges of field work and develop initiative, cooperation and teamwork. Tirimbina professional staff oversees the data collected in the field and later in the classroom, he helps the participants to analyze and conclude with a presentation of each group about the different results obtained. Finally Tirimbina staff gathers the information, creates and coordinates an entertaining final discussion of ideas of the meaning of the results and their implications for conservation. This activity therefore allows participants to relate theory to practice and it is an excellent example of the synergy of modern educational processes.


Duration: from 2.5 to 4 hours

Recommended for: ANY AGE OVER 15 YEARS OLD


Management Plan for Non Woody Plants of the Rainforest


This educational activity is intended for participants to discover the importance of the rational use of non woody plants resources of the forest through a study and interactive activities in the field. By the journey through the wonderful trails of the reserve the participants record and quantify the abundance of a non-woody forest resource and later under the supervision of one of the Tirimbina experts, they extrapolate the results to larger areas and determine the relationship of the economical, social and ecological cost-benefit. Therefore this activity combines comprehensive field work, cooperation and discussion of human productive activities with their benefit to local communities and their ecological impact in a simple and entertaining way and in a pristine environment that facilitates its conceptualization and success.


Duration: from 2.5 to 3.5 hours

Recommended for: ANY AGE OVER 15 YEARS OLD



If you are interested in doing any of these activities, please write us at:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

 Note: The duration of each of the activities may vary according to the weather conditions and participant ages, work disposition and interest.

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